Picking your brains; most of us generally speaking have appointments to keep and daily routines. However, some people seem to be obsessed with ‘time’ as if their life actually depended upon punctuality and are constantly clock watching.

If you have a chronic condition or are a laid back ‘go with the flow’ groover ‘clock watchers’ can potentially have a negative impact on you. (if you have a chronic condition and are a natural groover it can potentially be even more stressful…)

I’m not necessarily talking about hippie guys and chicks; I‘m talking about mental attitude and approach to life where you don’t get ‘time obsessed’ and you do successfully achieve what you want to achieve.

If you are chronically unwell and around a ‘clock watcher’ it could potentially feel stressful and impact on your health.

My first question is: How do you navigate around ‘time watchers’ to avoid the impact of their stress management approach?

This could be work colleagues, partners, other family members or/and friends.

My second question is: If you could think of a name for ‘clock watchers’ what would it be?

It can be as outrageous, funny or rude as you like….

My third question is: Are you a ‘clock watcher’?

If you’ve just checked the clock to see if you have enough time to answer these questions ~ the answer might be Yes.

Editor: Cassandra J Foxley

Date: December 2016

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